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Scientists could Reveal a Parallel Universe

Yunus Emre Duyar
March 26th 2015
Large Hadron Collider in Geneva will attempt to detect or create mini black holes, to reveal a new universe.

Super Computer Chips

Robin Bergman
May 10th 2014
Indium gallium arsenide couldbe the material of the new super computer chips of the future.

Get Your One Way Ticket to Mars

Alessia Andreotti
July 8th 2013

What to do when earth is not enough? Thousands of people, tired of their life on Earth, are ready to emigrate to Mars. Since subscriptions opened on April 22, 80,000 people have submitted applications to the Dutch nonprofit Mars One, hoping to become settlers of the red planet.…


Van Mensvoort
August 24th 2011

Looking for a new kitchen counter-top, but can't decide between a natural or an artificial material? Soon you might be getting both.

Designer Hironori Yoshida is pioneering hybrids of wood and plastic – to be used in interior, furniture and product design. His 'woodplastic' is created by scanning & laser-cutting the grain patterns in a piece of wood to subsequently replace the gaps with a polyester resin. The result is a marriage of the made & the born.…

Fake Plastic Bags – Made From Real Leather

Van Mensvoort
February 16th 2011

Fakeness is traditionally associated with inferiority; cheap Rolexes that break in two weeks, plastic Christmas trees, leaking silicone breasts, imitation caviar... However, in a society in which everything is a copy of a copy, the 'fake' seems to gain a certain authenticity.

Can you imagine anything more classy and luxurious than these anonymous, brand less, recognizable ‘throw away’ bags re-created in durable, high quality leather by Femke de Vries? Better than the real thing!

Invisibility Cloak Hides Objects Visible To The Naked Eye

Van Mensvoort
December 15th 2010

Some years ago scientists managed to build a rudimentary invisibility cloak, which was an impressive device but it had some important limitations, not least of which was that it worked only for a single frequency of microwaves.

One of the biggest questions that physicists have puzzled over since then is whether it is possible to build cloaking device that works over the range of frequencies visible to the human eye.…

Re-visualizing Molecular Science

Van Mensvoort
November 19th 2009

I vividly remember being offended throughout my high-school education because 'atoms' where consistently presented as these perfect slick round little spheres. At one time I even called the teacher a fabricator of lies and shouted: "Atoms aren't balls!!".

Of course the poor man couldn't help it, as it was just decided to teach us high-school kids a outdated, simplified 19th century version of the atom model, rather than confusing us with subatomic particles like protons, neutron, up-quarks, down-quarks, gluons and …

The Eye of a Cyber Sapien

November 17th 2009

An earlier post on this blog already displayed the possible future of sight using augmented contact lenses. Researchers at MIT take this second sight to a next level by creating a retinal implant that could help blind people regain much of their vision.

People receiving the implant would wear a pair of glasses with a built-in camera that wirelessly powers the implant and sends images to a micro-controller on the eye-ball. These are then processed and send to electrodes implanted below the retina.

Besides …

LHC – How physics becomes metaphysics

Van Mensvoort
September 28th 2009

Little over a week after the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) became operational it broke down. As the world's largest particle accelerator isn't working, computer simulations are the only option for a whole generation of researchers. With entire PhD's being based on simulated data, you wonder whether physics is still an empirical science. 

Today’s most ambitious scientific instruments are modern-day cathedrals in their size and complexity. Situated as much as 175 meters (570 ft) beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland CERN’s Large …

Wii Gardening

Van Mensvoort
September 26th 2009

For people who live small...

Via Gizmodo. Related: Game on, Games become jobs, Boomeranged Metaphors, Simulating old nature on next nature. Thanks Jurrian.…

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