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Welcome spring with this selection of NANO Supermarket products

March 21st 2018

Well, we finally made it. After a long, cold, dark winter, spring has officially started today. And guess what it's bringing with it? Nope, not spring flowers: Love flowers! Here’s a selection of our favorite NANO Supermarket products to kickstart the season.…

Stay Young with Millennial Blood

Ruben Baart
February 1st 2017
A clinical startup sells millennial blood to reverse aging.

Color Lessons from the Cotinga Bird

Lydia Halders
January 15th 2017
Brighter inks, without pigment: nanostructured capsules could bring about paints and electronic displays that never fade.

A Temporary Tattoo That Heals

Monika Kozub
December 19th 2016
Moving tattoos from purely aesthetic crave to a healing method thanks to nanotechnology.

NANO Supermarket in Brussels

October 6th 2016
Come and check out the NANO Supermarket at SAS Software's Forum BeLux 2016 on October 13 in The Egg Brussels!

Ingestible Device to Monitor Vital Signs

Margherita Olivo
November 26th 2015
Biomaterials researchers at MIT came up with a very tiny device able to monitor vital signs from deep inside the body.

Prodigious Yogurt Can Reveal Cancer

Margherita Olivo
October 19th 2015
An extraordinary yogurt that could soon implement accurate, young disease diagnosis.

3D Printed Fish Remove Toxins and Deliver Drugs

Alessia Andreotti
August 30th 2015
Researchers from UC San Diego announced that they have developed 3D print tiny microrobots in the shape of fish able to detect and remove toxin from liquid.

NANO Supermarket Opens in Latvia

June 9th 2015
The tour of our lustrous NANO Supermarket is coming to Riga, Latvia.

Medical Microbots Used to Perform Biopsy

Hessel Hoogerhuis
June 6th 2015
With recent successful experiments, we may see doctors switching from the single forceps to hordes of so-called microgrippers.
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