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Next Nature book launch: here’s what you missed

June 6th 2019

The new Next Nature book is here! Next Nature fellows, ambassadors, members and newly interested people came together on the 4th of June to celebrate the book launch with a special Next Nature Night at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Moderated by journalist Eva de Valk, it was a night filled with inspiration, conversation and a healthy dose of speculation.

Prior to the start of the program, visitors got the chance to read all about our whereabouts from the past…

The new Next Nature book is here!

May 28th 2019

? For pictures of the book launch, head to this page.

We live in a world in which we control the biology of a tomato at such precision, you could think of it as a product of technology, instead of a product of nature. Think about it, from genetics to breeding; a simple tomato isn’t remotely as simple as you might think. Technological advances allow our daily ingredients to be grown bigger, faster and better than ever before.

Conversely, in …

NEW: Next Nature Academy

November 23rd 2017
The Next Nature Academy offers the philosophy, the tools and the methods that will shift the way you think about nature and technology.

Next Nature Book Second Edition

December 31st 2015
After it sold out, the Next Nature book has been reprinted with a brand new cover.

Special Deal: Two Books Package

September 3rd 2014
The Next Nature Book & The In Vitro Meat Cookbook now only €50!

Lecture on Next Nature book

February 12th 2012

Our resident designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink will give a presentation about next nature and our book Next Nature: Nature Changes Along With Us in Amsterdam on february 14th. Yes, we know that’s on Valentines’s Day, but Hendrik-Jan will skip a romantic dinner for this occasion so why can’t you?. So, see you there!…

NN Book review in NRC Newspaper

Van Mensvoort
December 2nd 2011

Dutch quality newspaper NRC reviewed our lustrous Next Nature book with an extensive two page article. The review by Bianca Stigter discusses our shifting notions of nature & culture and asserts that the future belongs to techtuur – don't ask how that term differs from nextnature; I guess some journalist just like to invent their own lingo? Go ahead and download the scan.…

Next Nature Book Sample

Van Mensvoort
November 27th 2011

Try before you buy. Browse the sample excerpt of the lustrous Next Nature book containing material from chapter 1 & chapter 3.

Books bricks are currently being shipped across the planet and should arrive in your local bookstore within the next few weeks (depending on your location). Right now, the fastest way to to get a book is to order it through our website. Word up.…

Next Nature Book Trailer

November 9th 2011

Pop the champagne! Our must-read coffee table book was officially launched at the delightful and uplifting Next Nature Power Show in Amsterdam.

Pictures and video's of the event are being developed as we speak. Meanwhile, indulge the lustrous book trailer created by the good people of Studio Smack.

Warp to the book page: NEXTNATURE.NET/BOOK…

Start the Presses!

Van Mensvoort
October 21st 2011

Hooray! The long awaited Next Nature book is currently being printed and can now be pre-ordered for 37,50 euro.

The Book launches at The Next Nature Powershow on 5 November in Amsterdam.…

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