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Showcase your work on nextnature.net!

August 19th 2020

Are you a recent graduate or young maker who feels your work deserves a spotlight? Does your project seek to understand how technology becomes so omnipresent, complex, intimate and autonomous – a nature of its own?

You are the Next Generation, and we are looking for you!

Next Nature has launched an open platform to showcase your work and stimulate discussion. We are welcoming submissions that can enrich and challenge current ways of thinking about our future with technology.

The …

Seven ways to connect with your loved ones (and others)

May 25th 2020

During these challenging times, we have tried to find happy moments together where we could find them. From weekly Zoom lunches to having online wine tastings, still, it doesn't really compare to the 'real thing'.

This period of physical distancing causes people to experience feelings of disconnection. It also leaves us with a feeling of touch hunger. At Next Nature HQ, we envisioned seven ways for you to safely connect with yourself and your loved ones. Making a positive case …

‘Perfect Sense’ explores what it means to love in turbulent times

April 4th 2020

Imagine you are single and you finally meet that someone you like. You are in the early stages of dating, but then a virus appears and compromises everything. For some of us this is a reality we now have to deal with. It reminded us of Perfect Sense (2011), a love story set against the backdrop of a viral outbreak. Sounds familiar?

Make no mistake, Perfect Sense may look a typical romance from its cover, but it has a pandemic …

How climate fiction novels allow us to imagine possible futures

Adeline Johns-Putra
January 16th 2020

Every day brings fresh and ever more alarming news about the state of the global environment. To speak of mere “climate change” is inadequate now, for we are in a “climate emergency”. It seems as though we are tripping over more tipping points than we knew existed.

But our awareness is at last catching up with the planet’s climate catastrophes. Climate anxiety, climate trauma, and climate strikes are now all part of many people’s mental landscape and daily lives. This …

Five must-see exhibitions before 2020

December 2nd 2019

A large-scale asian food market serving in vitro meat, a transatlantic expo on the future of nature and a travelling exhibition that explores our relationship with AI. These five must-see exhibitions are not only grande in scale, but also fascinating and inspiring to watch.

Next Nature Showxcase XL
🌍 Shenzhen (CH)

We are proud to invite you to our largest showcase (so far), currently on display at OCT Art & Design in Shenzhen, China. Spanning across three floors, with a …

Next Nature gift guide 2019

December 2nd 2019

Whether you're in need of a holiday gift for your techie spouse or tech-adverse grandpa, the truth is, your loved ones deserve better than a generic gift card. Now we understand that selecting the ultimate gift can seem like an enormously daunting task — that is why we've done the heavy lifting for you. The Next Nature gift guide, once again, has got you covered.

For the freshest of farmers: Yeezy algae sneakers

Forget those old crocs, these are the …

Work with us!

July 30th 2019

We are a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, we are the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future – in which biology and technology are fusing.

We explore how technology becomes so omnipresent, complex, intimate and autonomous – a nature of its own. We stimulate discussion, initiate publications, events and traveling expositions on how to dream, build and live in the next nature.

That’s a towering goal, and to …

Call for movies: Which movie deserves a spot in the sequal to the Next Nature movie top 10?

February 7th 2019

Sequels and prequels appear in our cinemas every day but somehow we haven’t had a follow-up to our infamous Next Nature movie top 10 that fully deserves the “sequel treatment”.

Allow us to refresh your memory:

1. Quest for Fire / La Guerre du Feu (1981)
2. Being There (1979)
3. Koyaansiqatsi (1983)
4. Blade Runner (1984)
5. American Beauty (1999)
6.The Matrix (1999)
7. Grizzly Man (2005)
8. Avatar (2009)
9. The Terminal (2004)
10. Idiocracy (2006)

Thus our …

What Is Next Nature? #16

Ingmar Nieuweboer
August 26th 2016
Feeling lonely while surrounded with people

What Is Next Nature? #15

Ingmar Nieuweboer
August 20th 2016
Wearing Earphones without listening to music.
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