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Meet Emma: Your colleague of the future comes with a warning

Freya Hutchings
October 29th 2019

Emma is in poor health. She has painful varicose veins, stress-related eczema, puffy skin, a grey complexion, red eyes and a hunch-back. She is an imagined office worker of the future — a morbid life-sized doll that forecasts the impact of office work on human evolution. According researchers at Fellowes, if we don’t do something, Emma could resemble most of your colleagues in 20-years time.

Indeed, Emma embodies the evolutionary impact of our current work culture on the human body. Apparently, …

On the Origin of the Smartphone

Huub Ehlhardt
February 6th 2019

The first patent for the electric telephone was granted in 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell. However, there is disagreement about who should be given credit for the invention of the telephone as several pioneering inventors worked on devices to transmit spoken word.

In the following decades the network systems of landlines were built and use of telephones spread. The first telephones used were simple wooden boxes to which a speaker and mouthpiece were connected. From the initial box designs, the

On the origin of the LED lamp

Huub Ehlhardt
January 12th 2019

For thousands of years people used oil lamps and candles to illuminate their homes during the hours of darkness. Neither produced much light and both were inconvenient in use as their fuel needed to be regularly replenished. Besides that, open fire is notoriously dangerous. Then, at the start of the 19th century, gas lamps fueled by coal-gas distributed by a network of pipes turned out to be an innovative solution for the problem of illuminating the streets of European cities. …

The real-life gruesome experiments that inspired Frankenstein

Iwan Morus
December 29th 2018

On January 17 1803, a young man named George Forster was hanged for murder at Newgate prison in London. After his execution, as often happened, his body was carried ceremoniously across the city to the Royal College of Surgeons, where it would be publicly dissected. What actually happened was rather more shocking than simple dissection though. Forster was going to be electrified.

The experiments were to be carried out by the Italian natural philosopher Giovanni Aldini, the nephew of Luigi …

Interview: Huub Ehlhardt on the evolution of products

Kelly Streekstra
September 14th 2018

"To understand why a product is the way it is today, you need to learn about its evolutionary background." Meet Huub Ehlhardt, an engineer with a PhD in product design. Huub believes that innovation is best not described as a sequence of disruptive inventions, but as a gradual evolution of products. Together with Arthur Eger, he wrote On the Origin of Products; The Evolution of Product Innovation and Design. Over the next few weeks, Huub takes us on an intellectual joyride …

The bananaphone, part deux

Kelly Streekstra
March 15th 2018

Feeding our decades old bananaphone kidsplay, Nokia just reintroduced their banana phone. Once again, this shows that Nature is the most successful product of our time. We call this phenomenon Bio-mimic-marketing: using images of nature to market a product. Peculiar image of the week.…

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Ritsert Mans

Jack Caulfield
November 13th 2017
We asked Ritsert Mans, our second ECO coin award nominee about his bike, the technology that fuels it and his hopes for the future.

Hire a Smart Robot

Daniel Fraga
October 25th 2017
What if your co-worker was a robot? Dutch startup Smart Robotics is a job agency for robots that allows you to hire a smart-robot.

From Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

Megan Ray Nichols
August 14th 2017
Warehouse management practices and processes evolved with the time, but they’ll need to maintain their adaptability to accommodate Industry 4.0.

Smartphones Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Megan Ray Nichols
August 4th 2017
Smartphones have become almost a part of who we are. According to tech industry experts, however, the smartphone's days are numbered and that number is lower than you might expect.
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