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After Horsepower Comes Robotpower?

Jack Caulfield
October 13th 2017
We fear being replaced by robots. They have the potential to be smarter, stronger and more hardworking than us, but so do horses.

Stewart Helps People to Trust Self-Driving Car

Erik van der Veen
November 8th 2015
Stewart is a tactile interface that mediates the communication between human and self-driving car.

Self-Driving Cars Practice Kids Recognition

Alexandra Bremers
October 31st 2015
This year's Halloween, Google asked children from the neighborhood to come by in their spooky outfits and play around the self-driving cars.

Car Paleontology

Alessia Andreotti
August 31st 2015
Cars - autonomous, self driving, uncontrollable - are bound to become the animals of the future.

Analogue vs Digital: Self-Driving Cars

June 29th 2015
The image on the left is a car, as we know them. It has a lot of digital technology in it already, but not nearly as much as the other one.

High-Speed Driverless Taxi for the Sky

Abby Qin
March 18th 2015
An innovative solution to a better way for transportation: a high-speed elevated Personal Rapid Transportation system.

Ambulance Drone

Alessia Andreotti
December 17th 2014
The ambulance drone: an autonomously navigating mini aeroplane that can quickly deliver a defibrillator.

Blaming Car Technology for Dumb Drivers

Alessia Andreotti
December 7th 2014
Cars increasingly rely on technology designed to make driving easier and safer. But are these improvements creating less-skilled drivers?

Transportations Of The Future

Francesca Barchiesi
December 3rd 2014
A selection of nine enthralling and striking concepts of future way of transportation.

Traffic Ballet

Van Mensvoort
October 22nd 2014
If only next nature would be this perfectly harmonic.
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