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MIT’s new voiceless interface can read the words in your head

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
October 17th 2018

The way we interact with the technology in our lives is getting progressively more seamless. If typing terms or addresses into your phone wasn’t easy enough, now you can just tell Siri to do the search or pull up the directions for you. Don’t feel like getting off the couch to flick a switch, or want your house to be lit up by the time you pull into your driveway? Just tell your Echo home assistant what you want, and …

Intimate Technology S01E07: Our Selves

November 21st 2017
We think of selfhood as residing in our everyday stream of consciousness. But could we possibly have a second digital self in our online behaviors? Watch episode 3 of our Intimate Technology series.

Will We Share .thought Files?

Mathilde Nakken
October 10th 2016
With the evolving technique called EEG, electroencephalography, we can measure brain activity and ultimately even read the brain.

Caress of the Gaze

Van Mensvoort
October 16th 2015
Designer Behnaz Farahi envisions an interactive 3D printed outfit that can detect and respond to the gaze of the other and respond accordingly with life-like behavior.

A Wooden Floor that Follows the Curves of the Tree it’s Made of

Van Mensvoort
September 16th 2015
A wooden floor that follows the curves of the tree it's made of, thanks to smart milling techniques.

Hacking And Controlling Cars Remotely

Robin Bergman
July 24th 2015
Two American hackers have been working on hacking cars to takeover full control of vehicles.

Googles Natural Tracking Technology

Van Mensvoort
June 12th 2015
We may soon all be making natural gestures to interact with our digital devices.

Hunger Games for Robots

Yunus Emre Duyar
May 10th 2015
How would you feel if robots inherited ethical complications of existence?

3D Holography: the Future of Medicine

Yunus Emre Duyar
April 25th 2015
A new technology aims to provide doctors with a true hologram of organs.

Hyperform: the Future of 3D Printing

Louise Huyghebaert
February 13th 2015

"However, while 3D printers are becoming increasingly accessible and capable of rivalling the quality of professional equipment, they are still inherently limited by a small print volume, placing severe constraints on the type and scale of objects we can create." Says designer Marcelo Coelho. With a very smart construction strategy in mind, Coelho developed together with designer and technologist Skylar Tibbits an algorithmic software named Hyperform.

The algorithm can transforms a needed form - possibly bigger than the printer’s measurement reach …

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