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One day left: Next Nature in Amsterdam

November 4th 2011
Buckle up for living architecture, lab grown meat, swallowable perfume, Facebook suicide, Gods browser and antidepressant yoghurt at the Next Nature powershow 2011.

Razorius Gillettus in NRC Next

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
November 4th 2011

Dutch newspaper NRC Next features a shortened version (in dutch) of the Razorius Gillettus essay, written by Koert van Mensvoort. Download the scan. A longer version of the essay (in english) can be read here.…

Parool Article on Next Nature

Van Mensvoort
November 3rd 2011

Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool' features an article on Next Nature. Great piece. You might want to buy yesterdays newspaper tomorrow. Or you can download the scan.…

Who Watches the Watchers?

Allison Guy
November 3rd 2011

In The Watchers, the creative geniuses at Studio Smack picture a world where surveillance systems don't just watch us - they actively judge.  Are you a green-coded Conformist or a red-alert Intellectual? The tone is paranoid, but it's a vivid reminder that our technological systems make us as much as we make them. Autonomous algorithms already control our economy, our internet, and our vacuum cleaners. It's not a stretch to imagine that autonomous cameras will control our security and social spaces. …

Next Nature Hands Out Performance-Enhancing Pills

Allison Guy
November 2nd 2011

Recently Google slapped our site with a warning that "something's not right here!" It seems that the Drug Enforcement Agency has caught the Next Nature staff handing out baggies of performance-enhancing pills in Amsterdam. How else will our audience be able to handle the Power Show without an artificial boost?

Okay, so we've been joking: Google found a potential security leak in our website last week. We fixed it quickly, and a few more days elapsed before the Internet noticed. But we have …

Browsing the Technological Sublime

Allison Guy
November 1st 2011
In this video, Geert Mul uses online photos to tap into the divine presence in image search #powershow http://bit.ly/uk79b0

Welcome to Earth, Number 7,000,000,000!

Allison Guy
October 31st 2011
Welcome to earth, #7,000,000,000! Hope you like the #anthropocene. Learn more: http://bit.ly/se1SQc

Body Manipulation and Music

Allison Guy
October 29th 2011
Lucy McRae uses spandex to deterritorialize the body. #powershow #bodyart http://bit.ly/th7KyR

Incredibly Shrinking Humanity

Allison Guy
October 25th 2011
Arne Hendricks thinks we can solve the ecological crisis by shrinking every human on earth to 50cm tall: http://bit.ly/sxxNr1 #powershow

The Pigeon that Shat the Golden Soap

Allison Guy
October 24th 2011

Ever wished you could take a shower with pigeon poop? Artist Tuur van Balen proposes changing pigeons from flying rats to cleaning agents. A speculative, specially engineered bacteria, as harmless to pigeons as Lactobacillus is to humans, could potentially change pigeon excrement into biological soap.

For Pigeon D'Or, van Balen built a coop that clips to a window, which would allow future apartment dwellers to harvest their very own fresh, pigeon-made soap. Another version of the perch extends over a car's windshield, …

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