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299 trees grow in a football stadium

Ruben Baart
September 19th 2019

Some centuries ago landscape painters taught us to appreciate the quality of an untouched landscape. Ever since we have been doing everything to recreate it. We camouflage cell phone antenna mast to look like trees, we fly thousands of miles to experience a pristine landscape — and, as of this month, we can visit a native European forest inside an Austrian football stadium.

The installation, titled For Forest: The Unending Attraction of Nature, houses 299 native Central European tree species …

Your Next Nature guide to Unseen 2018: When Records Melt

Meike Schipper
September 10th 2018

Images largely shape our experience of reality. Just consider how imagery of nature continues to rise in popularity: only a society no longer grounded in their natural landscape is able to treat such a scenery as art.

Longing for a nature long lost, we instead immersive ourselves in paintings to appreciate the quality of untouched landscapes, we simulate snowfall for skiing experience, and we keep a piece of glacier ice as a relic of a different time. These natural and …

Female Menstrual Cycle on a Computer Chip

Julie Reindl
April 27th 2017
The complicated system of a female menstruation cycle was reproduced on a computer chip for the first time.

Turning Glass Bottles into Sand

Julie Reindl
April 1st 2017
A machine lets drinkers instantly turn their empty beer bottles into sand.

Color Lessons from the Cotinga Bird

Lydia Halders
January 15th 2017
Brighter inks, without pigment: nanostructured capsules could bring about paints and electronic displays that never fade.

Copy-Paste City: from Austria to China

Monika Kozub
August 4th 2016
Hallstatt, a small UNESCO World Heritage city in central Austria, is the only village in the world entirely copied and rebuilt in China.

Re-introducing Extinct Species

Margherita Olivo
March 26th 2016
Extinct European bisons are being reintroduced in parks. But what makes a national park?

Human Cloning Now Possible in China

Daniel Fraga
January 5th 2016
Is human cloning here? Chinese scientist is ready to clone people at his ‘replication factory’.

Space Archeologist Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

Margherita Olivo
November 14th 2015

Sarah Parcak is a pioneering "satellite archaeologist" from University of Alabama, a sort of Indiana Jones with 21st century tech. She has been awarded the 2016 TED Prize for her work applying infrared imagery from satellites to help locate ancient sites lost in time. Her revolutionary methods helped her discover ancient cities and astonishing sites around the world, but especially in Egypt, where she came across 17 unknown pyramids, more than 1000 tombs and 3100 settlements.…

Stratospheric Sky Garden with Proto Life

Alessia Andreotti
September 27th 2015
A sky garden of cacti and artificial life forms floating a hundred thousand feet above the Earth's surface.
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