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Mark Zuckerberg Discovers ‘Books’

Van Mensvoort
January 5th 2015
Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.

The Mood Ring of the 21th Century

December 5th 2014
The Moodmetric ring measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand emotional reactions and improve quality of life.

3000 Years Old 8-Bit Music Instrument

Alessia Andreotti
March 2nd 2014
The more iconic video game audio track played with an ancient woodwind. The resulting sound is pure 1980s nostalgia.

Peculiar Transportations

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
March 1st 2014

Last friday, these curious next natural transportations happened around our office in Amsterdam. All within the timeframe of a few hours. The surrealists where right. Have a nice weekend.…

A New Old Way to Share Pictures

Alessia Andreotti
February 10th 2014
The tiny Instagram projector.

All This Technology Makes Us Anti-Social

Van Mensvoort
January 22nd 2014
Peculiar image of the week.

Innovative Nostalgia

Van Mensvoort
January 1st 2014
We humans simply feel more comfortable with technological change when it comes in a familiar form that refers to an existing and accepted object, habit, value, tradition or intuition.

Sticky Notes Are The “New” USB Drives

Alessia Andreotti
December 17th 2013
The next generation of data portability.

Technostalgia for the Cassette Tape

Alessia Andreotti
July 19th 2013
Remember the 80s? This coffee table does.

Walter Benjamin on Film and the Senses

René Rieger
August 28th 2012

During the late 1930’s the philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote its widely influential essay ‘The work of Art in the Age of Its Technical Reproducibility’. While describing a general shift in the arts and their perception and warning about the possible exploitation for political purposes his work examines carefully the medium, especially photography and film, and its sensual aspects.[1] He attributes a tactile and palpable quality to film that elevates the medium and stresses its meaning for the human collective.

Benjamin …

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