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Retro-Futuristic Drones

Alessia Andreotti
October 5th 2014
In 1925 futurists envisioned a sort of aerial civilization in the sky of New York City.

Retro-Futuristic Smartwatch

Alessia Andreotti
May 28th 2014
In 1981 the idea of what we call smartwatch was nothing more than a funny joke.

Retro-Futuristic Society of Simulations

Alessia Andreotti
May 4th 2014
In 1930 Germans envisioned our Society of Simulations.

50 Years Ago Asimov Predicted WiFi, Smartphones and Today’s World Features

Alessia Andreotti
January 12th 2014
Isaac Asimov predicts in 1964 what the world will look like today, in 2014.

Annual Meeting of Time Travellers

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
September 13th 2012

Appropriated from the blogosphere by NextNature.net. Peculiar image of the week.…