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Analogue vs Digital: Skeuomorphism

May 24th 2015
Floppy disks have not gone extinct yet. You might not realize, but you are clicking on them every day.


Van Mensvoort
January 30th 2010

This skeuomorph "BookBook" should be an appropriate present for grandparents as well as neo-nostalgic youngsters.

Sold at TwelveSouth for $80. Would be an easy remake, though, if you could find an appropriately-sized book. Besides the cool-for-the-grandparents factor, disguising your expensive laptop as an old book has obvious some security advantages.

Via Make, via Geekologie.…

Deliver us from Skeuomorph Prosthetics

Van Mensvoort
November 26th 2009

No, this is not another example in our fake for real series, comparing an artificial with a human hand. Rather, you are looking at twice the same hand: with and without its casing. The design of artificial hands has improved significantly over time and the depicted Fluidhand, created by researchers from Karlsruhe, is perhaps the most advanced prosthetic hand available today.

Yet, one wonders why the designers or artificial limbs always stick to the somewhat boring and predictable simulations of …

Virtual Money Is a Pleonasm

Van Mensvoort
October 1st 2009

Have you heard the buzz on virtual money in online games? Some years ago the first virtual millionaire was announced, yet there have also been reports on people being practically enslaved to farm virtual gold. The Chinese government recently announced to limit the use of 'virtual' currencies. An essay on the virtuality of money.


First of all we should realize the term virtual money is a pleonasm, a redundant expression. Money is, by definition, virtual. And …

Placebo Buttons

Van Mensvoort
September 14th 2009

Buttons are everywhere: throughout your day you press them on phones, alarm clocks, keyboards, elevators, dishwashers and of course on the computer screen. Although buttons did not exist in old nature – taken that nipples do not count as buttons – the little symbols of control have been ubiquitous throughout most of our lives. But for how long?…

Antenna Tree Mast Safari

Arnoud van den Heuvel
August 30th 2009

This picture was taken in Zambia by Sarah Los (NL) while on wildlife safari. Every fairly trained "NextNature spotter" should be able to distinguish the cellphone-tree masts from old-nature trees. But that's odd; there are three of them in a row and all different species!? Does every cellular network provider plant its own tree family? It surely looks like a competition. Future designs are expected to look better, taller and greener.

Let us do a quick jungle safari ourselves. …

Norwegian forest cat on batteries

Van Mensvoort
July 22nd 2009

Robots are penetrating our homes... disguised as cats? On July 30, Sega Toys releases an el-cheapo simulation cat toy for robot cat lovers with allergies or pet-unfriendly apartments. It's made to look, feel, and act just like a Norwegian Forest Cat. It runs on four AAs and will retail for about $100.

We are unsure whether the kitten can talk, what its fur is really made of – rabbits perhaps? – and if there is also a version available with …

Robot hand meets Sushi

Arnoud van den Heuvel
June 18th 2009

We are anxiously waiting for the robot that makes the sushi, but at Squse, they have created the hand that can carefully place the delicacies in a box without crushing them. Could this invention mean the end of the factory worker? Of course not. They can all be retrained to manufacture robotic arms...…

Energy Saving Chandelier

Van Mensvoort
June 8th 2009

I deem you have to be over sixty to have an object with so many historical layers of media in your house. Let's analyze.

We are looking at a chandelier in which the candle standards have been replaced with much safer and more convenient electric sockets. How modern! Welcome in the 20th century. Fake wax drippings were added as a reference to the nostalgic, yet outdated, candlelight technology.

There used to be special flaring light bulbs on the market to …

Back to Nature?

Van Mensvoort
December 6th 2008

Now this is how you do it. First you take the meat of a hundred animals; chickens (19%), turkeys (17%). Secondly, you blend them in a large tank with water, mais, wheat, oil, fat, chickencollagen, salt, soya, aroma, modified cornstarches, milk-parts, lemonjuice, maltodextrine, dispersant (E450, E451, E452), rising means: E500, taste amplifier: E621, anti-oxidant: E341.

Next you sculpt your mix into a shape which remotely resembles a chickens leg– like the ones folks know from the comics! Finally, you place …

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