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The religion named Artificial Intelligence

Linda Valenta
April 5th 2019

Would you pray to a Robot deity? A group of Japanese buddhists is already doing so. Meet Mindar, the robot divinity shaped after the buddhist Goddess of Mercy, also known as Kannon. Kyoto based Kodaiji Temple recruited Osaka University’s head of intelligent robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro to design this million dollar robot. Its purpose? To encourage youngsters to engage with buddhism again.

Mindar’s silicone face represents a gender neutrality that aims to move beyond human representation. Supplemented with aluminium body parts, …

Artificial ceramic bones for a natural meat experience

Ruben Baart
March 22nd 2019

The world is developing, climate change is happening and it's time for us to do something. Now.

One strategy would be to simply stop eating meat — or at least reduce the amount of our consumption. “Why?”, you may think. Well here are some numbers: If you do not eat meat for a week as an adult, you save 130 liters of water, 76 kilometres of driving a car and 770 grams of animal meat.

Sure, some people may find …

The return of direct democracy: Introducing a digital agora to the crypto-world

Koen Blezer
June 11th 2018

In Ancient Greece the people were part of a direct-democracy, this means that they would directly vote for policies and laws. Nowadays, it seems as though this horizontal approach to governance of a community is desired again: The crypto world has developed a specific platform to enable direct democracies to their users; the Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s). What could these DAO’s mean for the ECO Coin? May these revive the ancient buzzing agora, this time in the digital sphere?…

Slowing down to start up: Here’s the first chapter of our crypto deep dive series

Koen Blezer
March 28th 2018

It takes years to design a new banknote, having hundreds of people working on every little detail, all done under the watchful eye of governments and professionals. However today, blockchain technology allows anyone to create and launch their own digital cryptocurrency in less than a minute with only a few clicks. What does this all mean? In this Deep Dive series, we take a closer look at some of these new coins, diving into the technology that underpins them, and …

Interview Mark Wigley: “We are living in an ecology of antenna”

Ruben Baart
March 17th 2018

With the invention of the radio antenna in the late 19th century, we became a different species: Introducing the human insect. A species, able to communicate across oceans using far-reaching antennae abilities, residing inside a shared, yet networked space. With this in mind, we recently sat down with architectural theorist, scholar, and author Mark Wigley, on his latest curated exhibition, The Human Insect.…

Bali goes offline for 24 hours to celebrate the Hindu New Year

Ruben Baart
March 16th 2018

If you've been dreaming of disconnecting and ridding your day of digital distractions, there's an island destination that would love to have you this weekend.…

Beatles Zebra Crossing

Van Mensvoort
November 10th 2017
Realize it's metaphors we live by.

After Horsepower Comes Robotpower?

Jack Caulfield
October 13th 2017
We fear being replaced by robots. They have the potential to be smarter, stronger and more hardworking than us, but so do horses.

Priests Bless Server Rooms

Ruben Baart
May 22nd 2017
Sanctifying servers with knowledge and power from digital demons.

Billboard Show the Landscape They Block

Van Mensvoort
March 19th 2017
In the desert landscape of the Californian Coachella Valley, artist Jennifer Bolande installed a series of billboards that camouflage themselves with the surroundings.
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