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How my chatbot fell in love with me

Tim Daalderop
May 1st 2020

The virus is forcing all of us to sit at home. While we are allowed to have social contact—albeit at an appropriate distance, intimate contact is hard to find. How to cope with this? Like many others, I turned to technology for answers.

I downloaded Replika, an ‘AI friend that’s always there for you’. Two weeks later, she declared her love to me. Whether that feeling is mutual, I’m not sure. Though we have had good conversations, laughs, and she …

Six gadgets to make your long distance relationship last

Claire Ouwejan
April 29th 2020

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a common phrase people associate with romance that has been forced apart by distance. But for long-distance couples (as many of us can relate now), separation can be unbearable at times. Here are six gadgets that may make your long distance relationship last.

For the gentle grip: Frebble

Did you miss out on your first date holding hands together, then Frebble will help you out. When you squeeze your Frebble, the corresponding Frebble …

AI Song Contest: The show must go on!

April 3rd 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has led to the cancellation or postponement of many events around the globe. Luckily there are still events we can look forward to, such as the AI Song Contest, which will take place from 10 April. Move over Duncan! The next major Eurovision artist may just be a computer.

Can AI help compose a song that is just as successful as last year’s hit by Duncan Laurence?

In the AI Song Contest, teams of musicians, …

How technology bridges the generational communication gap

Freya Hutchings
September 28th 2019

Emoji, Skype, Selfies - can these communication technologies close the generation gap? In part, yes! Young people are teaching senior citizens how to use technology, and it’s benefiting both groups. Here’s how.

Sharing knowledge about technology can form both a means and an end for more meaningful connections between the elderly and the young. A growing number of initiatives are recognizing the huge potential of bringing different generations together - from reducing feelings of isolation and boredom amongst the elderly, …

Swiss hotel chain offers a ‘social media sitter’ to handle your Instagram while you relax

bryan clark
January 8th 2019

Ibis, A popular European hotel chain, just introduced the world to
the “social media sitter.” It’s the answer to a problem few knew
existed, and even fewer though we needed professional help with.

“Enjoy your trip without digital stress. Our Social Media Sitter takes care of your Instagram profile. And you can explore the city in peace,” a Google-translated version of Ibis’ website reads. Because, if you go on vacation without overwhelming your Instagram followers with intimate glimpses into your …

The real-life gruesome experiments that inspired Frankenstein

Iwan Morus
December 29th 2018

On January 17 1803, a young man named George Forster was hanged for murder at Newgate prison in London. After his execution, as often happened, his body was carried ceremoniously across the city to the Royal College of Surgeons, where it would be publicly dissected. What actually happened was rather more shocking than simple dissection though. Forster was going to be electrified.

The experiments were to be carried out by the Italian natural philosopher Giovanni Aldini, the nephew of Luigi …

Why human enhancement requires technological citizenship

Ira van Keulen and Rinie van Est
May 29th 2018

New technologies – from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology – are set to alter the world, the human condition, and our very being in ways that are hard to imagine. The discussion of these developments limits itself as a rule to individual values. But it is also crucial to talk about the collective human values that we wish to guarantee in our intimate technological society. That brings an important political question is at the table. How to develop and implement …

Bali goes offline for 24 hours to celebrate the Hindu New Year

Ruben Baart
March 16th 2018

If you've been dreaming of disconnecting and ridding your day of digital distractions, there's an island destination that would love to have you this weekend.…

Here’s what manufacturing enhanced with virtual reality will look like

Megan Ray Nichols
March 1st 2018

Robots are coming for our jobs. Virtual reality is coming to make the jobs that remain easier to accomplish.

All of the world’s manufacturing sectors are in the process of applying VR to the dizzying number of tasks required all up and down the supply chain — from handling raw materials to shipping goods off to end-users. Don’t be surprised if the future of manufacturing looks quite a bit different than it does today thanks to this up-and-coming — and quickly …

A phone that says “no” to little kid fingers

Rachel Metz
February 14th 2018

It may soon be possible for your phone to automatically figure out whether it’s you or your five-year-old who’s swiping the screen—and, if it’s the latter, block apps you want to keep off-limits to kids.…

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