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A guide to parenting with AI Barbie

Siri Beerends
August 13th 2019

The rise of artificial intelligence has brought us more advanced toys. If AI Barbie and her talking robotic friends are going to raise our kids, what would their parenting style be like?

In the nineties, Tamagotchi was hugely popular amongst kids; the egg-shaped key chain wasn’t to be let out of your sight, ever. Four simple buttons gave millions of children worldwide the ability to feed snacks and attention to their pixelated pet, so as to keep it from dying …

Robo Wunderkind is a modular robot even a five-year-old can program

Kelly Streekstra
September 21st 2018

Meet the Robo Wunderkind, a new breed of smart toys that introduces children to the basics of coding and robotics in a playful way. …

How AI could revolutionize the teaching profession

Jack Caulfield
March 6th 2018

In various parts of the world, access to education is, or risks becoming, a huge crisis. UNESCO estimates that around 20 million new teachers are needed worldwide - and that's not taking into account the huge number set to retire in the next decade. With this level of demand, some specialists believe the key to filling the gap could be artificial intelligence. …

Tiny Food Made in a Tiny Kitchen

Ruben Baart
April 17th 2017
A small introduction to tiny cooking.

Barbie Becomes a Hologram of Herself

Julie Reindl
March 2nd 2017
Barbie has been turned into a hologram version of herself and will now be your kids assistend.

Lego Bricks Come Alive

Ruben Baart
January 14th 2017
Lego announced the next generation of building bricks, bringing the creations to life.

The Next Nature Sneaker Series

Mathilde Nakken
December 14th 2016
We present for the real sneaker heads amongst us, six new futuristic pieces of footwear. Going from pineapple leather to self lacing 'Back to the Future' Nikes.

Fitness Tracker to Make Happy Meal Healthier

Ruben Baart
August 30th 2016
McDonald’s provided their Happy Meals with a high-tech activity tracker toy.

Are There Pokémon on the Moon?

Ruben Baart
August 16th 2016
Pokémon Go is slowly taking over our planet. People know more Pokémon than bird or tree species. However, avid players will have noticed that some of the first-gen Pokémon are not available in the game yet.

Disney-Themed Prosthetics for Children

Ruben Baart
July 26th 2016
Open Bionics is helping children in need for bionic hands. With Iron Man, Frozen, or Star Wars-themed prosthetics, their fantasies become reality.
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