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Synthetic skin is bringing the sense of touch to VR

Britta de Vries
April 29th 2020

Current social distancing measures are all about keeping a physical distance from each other in order to flatten the curve. But this does not mean we have to keep a distance from each other virtually. Modern-day technologies not only provide us to still keep in touch socially, but in the distant future also have the ability to provide us with our physical needs. With new developments in the field of robotics, it will soon be possible to download a hug, …

Three exhibitions that explore the relationship between humans and the environment

Freya Hutchings
September 20th 2019

As we go about our daily activities, we may lose sight of our connections with nonhuman life. Here are three exhibitions to encourage you to step outside of your everyday and recognize your interconnected existence within a more-than-human planet.

Discover the hidden natural forces that surround us

Meet the wonders of Marshmallow Laser Feast, an experimental genre bending arts collective. Their immersive works highlight the often overlooked natural forces that surround us in order to create landscapes that go beyond …

Three ways virtual reality is revolutionizing teaching

John Pickavance
May 14th 2019

You’ve probably heard how Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change everything: the way we work, the way we live, the way we play. Still, for every truly transformative technology, there are landfills of hoverboards, 3D televisions, Segways, and MiniDiscs – the technological scrap it turns out we didn’t need.

It’s reasonable to approach VR with a degree of scepticism, but allow me to explain three ways in which VR can transform the way we learn, and why we, as …

Interview: Jeremy Bailenson on his latest book “Experience on Demand”

Katherine Oktober Matthews
May 1st 2018

Virtual reality has come a long way. Like most technological leaps, it’s had a huge push from the entertainment industry, but current applications span a wide range of social and academic fields. Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, has just released his new book, Experience on Demand. We briefly spoke with him about some of the most game-changing applications of this fascinating medium - as well as the risks.…

Researchers are using VR to help teachers understand autism

Rachel Kaser
April 19th 2018

Researchers are using VR as an empathy tool to help neurotypical teachers understand their students with autism. There have already been attempts to use VR to help autistic children and adults find new ways of coping. Autism Speaks, for example, funds a virtual reality training program designed to help improve social skills. But a team of researchers at the University of Malta decided to work on the problem from the other direction — namely, using VR to help teachers understand …

AI & VR Impact on Architects and Engineers

Megan Ray Nichols
December 17th 2017
Future workspace, human interaction and unique experiences: here’s how artificial intelligence and VR impact on architects and engineers.

Make the World Your Office

Megan Ray Nichols
December 4th 2017
Imagine being able to enter your office through a digital representation of reality. It sounds crazy, but it’s possible with augmented and virtual reality.

Virtual Networking, the Future Social Media

Megan Ray Nichols
August 28th 2017
Virtual reality is already becoming a part of the conversation surrounding social media. Will it become the next popular social network?

Experience Death with VR

Julie Reindl
May 10th 2017
Virtual reality experiment tries to help people frightened of death with outer-body experience.

A Virtual Reality Retreat

Ruben Baart
May 4th 2017
Are we sleepwalking into our technological future?
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