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Drones Protect Indonesia from Volcanic Danger

Jack Caulfield
January 11th 2018
In Bali, volcanic danger looms large. Scientists are trying to use drones to forestall the danger and make the invisible workings of the volcano visible.

Drones Are Coloring Your Summer

July 10th 2017
Looking for a summer book? Wherever your vacation takes you, our drones coloring book What’s Flying There? should be on your holiday packing list!

Rescue Drone Will Save You in Open Water

Elle Zhan Wei
April 20th 2017
Drone made to rescue in bad weather condition in open waters.

The Self-Flying Taxi Drone

Ruben Baart
February 18th 2017
Passenger-carrying drones will hit the skies in Dubai this summer.

Robo-Bee Pollinated a Japanese Lily

Nadine Roestenburg
February 16th 2017

A video of a robotic bee pollinating a flower (looking more like Loopin' Louie spinning off the board game and hitting a flower) recently caught our attention. What at first sight might look like a silly viral video, could be an important step in the survival of bees. To save us humans from a future without honey and pollinating crops by hand, we need to save the bees. These insect-sized drones could actually play a major role in their survival.…

Drone Hits Crash Test Dummy for Your Safety

Ruben Baart
February 6th 2017
Researchers at Virginia Tech are studying the risk of injury from a drone collision by hitting a crash test dummy in the head.

Cyborg Dragonfly for Special Service

Ruben Baart
January 30th 2017
A Biomedical solutions company is developing a system for insects to wear, allowing engineers to steer it remotely.

The Selfie Drone

Ruben Baart
January 17th 2017
Can a drone take selfies?

What’s Flying There? Flip Through

December 30th 2016
Listen to the What's Flying There? story read by NNN Ambassador Tracy Metz.

Disney Lights Up the Sky with 300 Drones

Mathilde Nakken
December 4th 2016
Disney’s latest attraction? 300 drones flying in formation.
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