Bio Design

A happy marriage between biology and technology

Bio design crosses the border between the ‘made’ and the ‘born’. Enabling living organisms as essential design elements, it bring us products that adapt, grow, sense and repair themselves. Industrial and mechanical systems are replaced with biological processes. Bio design overtakes imitation and biomimicry, completely dissolving the boundaries between organisms and objects. A happy marriage between biology and technology.

Beyond Biomimicry: A New Urgency

ESSAY BY William Myers
January 1st 2019

Designers face an unprecedented urgency to alter their methods and reprioritize their goals to address the accelerating degradation of the environment. This new pressure—intellectual, ethical, and regulatory—demands recognition of the fragility of nature and our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. Under such shifting and intensifying constraints, designers are beginning to go beyond emulation to harness processes observed in the living world, where systems achieve perfect economies of energy and materials.

Within this pursuit, working to achieve enhanced ecological performance through integration with natural systems, designers are turning to biologists for their expertise and guidance. This contrasts markedly with the design approach that characterized the 20th century: the mechanization of functions in order to overpower, isolate, and control forces of nature, usually by utilizing advances in chemistry and physics.…

Why bio is the new digital

Here’s MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito explaining how biotech is rapidly becoming more accessible to creative people outside of closed institutions, drawing parallels to the democratization of computers some decades ago. Be sure to watch the video until his last sweeping sentence “The design of the future is hardware, it’s software, it’s biology and it’s complex.. But you have to know math.”

The Prefuture of Synthetic Biology

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
May 3rd 2013

Somewhere between a vat of expensive face cream and a baby Neanderthal lies a probable future for synthetic biology. While synbio start-ups – large and small – struggle with the reality of scaling up microscopic cellular factories into profitable business models, stories of DIY anti-cancer research, Neanderthal cloning, limitless ‘green’ kerosene, and tumor-killing bacteria are told as outcomes of a likely future where humans have full control over biology.…

Welcome to the CRISPR baby world—here’s what you should know

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
December 8th 2018

Last week, the gene editing world was hit by news the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. In a video on YouTube, Dr.…

Glow in the Dark Trees

Lotte Biesheuvel
April 1st 2014

Dutch inventive artist Daan Roosegaarde is famous for his  highly innovative design, exploring the relation between people, technology and nature. One of his latest project is the creation of luminous trees inspired by animals able to generate their own light, such as jellyfish and fireflies. …