Nature as a mentor

Billions of years of evolution delivered a treasury of natural designs that can inspire solutions to human challenges. Evolution is a research and development lab; failures are fossils, what surrounds us is the secret to survival. Biomimicry is about imitating life to create a better life. Let's learn from old nature to design for next nature.

An introduction to Biomimicry

ESSAY BY Janine Benyus
January 2nd 2019

The first time I explained biomimicry to a stranger was not in a talk or a workshop but in a big-box bookstore just after Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature had come out. I was searching the shelves for the spine, always a breath-held-in moment for a writer. I checked the nature section, environment, design, and engineering, but it just wasn’t there. Before I could slink away, the bookseller appeared, and I asked him where it might be shelved.

He came back with a perfectly normal but impossible question: “What’s it about?”

After you finish a book, a pack of ideas race to your lips, nipping and barking to be the first one out.…

This documentary titled “Biomimicry” featuring Janine Benyus, is brought to you by Leonardo DiCaprio, Executive Producers Oliver Stanton, directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid and Bryony Schwan, created by Tree Media with Executive Producers Roee Sharon Peled and George DiCaprio.


Harvesting Water from Thin Air

Margherita Olivo
March 8th 2016

Water shortage emergency is a real threat for all of us. Our planet is getting drier and drier every day. Scientists at Harvard University have designed a new material inspired by organisms such as cacti, pitcher plants and desert beetles that can effectively harvest water from thin air.…

Could Biomimicry Help us Solve the Refugee Crisis?

Daniel Fraga
November 6th 2015

Millions of people are, in this very moment, in the midst of one of the biggest refugee crisis of the last several decades.…

When Is Biomimicry Not Really Biomimicry?

Jonathon Markowski
November 22nd 2013

Recently the internet has become fascinated with a fruit fly found in the United Arab Emirates whose wings appear to have an ornate pattern deliberately resembling an ant-like insect.…