Humane Technology

Let's design the future with people, not things, in mind.

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps or hinders us. Sometimes our tech seems to be flowing in inhumane directions, and it feels beyond our power to redirect it. But humankind dams rivers, and alters the landscape in countless other radical ways. We can redirect our technological growth. And why shouldn’t we direct it towards humans? Let's design the future with people, not things, in mind.

Letter to Humanity

ESSAY BY Van Mensvoort
April 22nd 2017

The Letter to Humanity is addressed to all 7 billion people on Earth and available in twenty-five languages. It encourages a new perspective on the role of humanity on Earth. The letter urges humans not to be slaves or victims of technology, but to use technology to enhance humanity.

Dear Humanity,

It feels strange writing you a letter, I admit. Letters are generally addressed to an individual or a limited group of people. It’s unusual to write to humanity as a whole. You don’t even have a postal address, and I doubt you get much correspondence. Still, I thought it was time I wrote.…

An example of humane tech

The human touch has a unique therapeutic effect that a machine cannot replace. That’s why this Shiva Therapist massages with their own hands. For the heavy work, they have four additional robotic arms at their disposal. These will allow them to work for the entire day and will enable them to give overwhelming six-handed massages. Like an octopus, but with a human sensitivity.

Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life

Drishty Sobnath and Ikram Ur Rehman
September 17th 2019

Travelling to work, meeting friends for a catch up or just doing some shopping are often taken for granted by people with no known disabilities.…

Intimate Technology: the Battle for Our Body and Behaviour

Rinie van Est
April 12th 2015

Technology is nestling itself within us and between us, has knowledge about us and can act just like us. Think of brain implants, artificial balancing organs and bio-cultured heart valves.…