Intimate Technology

Technology colonizes our body and identity

Technology has always been closely attached to our bodies, in the form of decades-old headphones or ultramodern devices. It has always been a part of our lives, and our attachment to it seems to grow every day. Intimate Technology refers to systems that colonize our body, influence our behavior and define our identity.

Intimate Technology: the Battle for Our Body and Behaviour

ESSAY BY Rinie van Est
April 12th 2015

Technology is nestling itself within us and between us, has knowledge about us and can act just like us. Think of brain implants, artificial balancing organs and bio-cultured heart valves. Technology therefore becomes a part of our bodies and our identities. It places itself between us on a large scale; we use social media to show ourselves to the outside world and to communicate with each other.…

Imogen Heap's Smart Gloves

English artist Imogen Heap, with an army of artists, musicians, scientists and technologists, developed the Mi.Mu gloves. “A new and flexible approach to the control of music and visuals with intuitive human movement”.

Implanting Chips into Employees

Alessia Andreotti
February 4th 2015

No more identifications badges, a Swedish office block is taking security to the next level. The hi-tech building implanted a microchip under the employees’ skin, into their hands.…

Brain Scan Replaces Job Interview in 5 Years?

Dr Natural
February 24th 2009

Forget about palmistry! MRI scans for candidates in top jobs such as bank directors could soon become part of the job-application package, says Erasmus University researcher Prof Willem Verbeke of Rotterdam, He's confident brain scans will replace job interviews within 5 years.…

Evolution in the Bedroom

Arnoud van den Heuvel
March 17th 2008

Good morning anywhere in the world!

Waking up is a problem (at least for 50% of the population). That's why alarm clocks exist; machines and devices are invented to solve problems.…