Next Nature workshops produce Stories for Change: long-term visions that help individuals and organizations better anticipate a future in which biology and technology are merging and technology becomes our next nature. Our creators and educators introduce the philosophy and tools and help teams conceptualize and visualize.

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Our promise to you

Through our workshops we offer the philosophy, method and tools to help you better understand the complex dynamics of technology. We will realize a paradigm shift in your thinking about nature. Our creatives will help generate long-term visions and develop the future literacy of your team, to better anticipate change.

When to book us

Do you feel your team is stuck with a little bit old ideas and could use an update? Do you experience that innovation is sometimes too much focused on the short-term and you want to counter that? Or maybe you are organizing event and you simply want to offer your audience something out of the ordinary? Then our workshops are definitely for you!

Pyramid of Technology

Almost all of us deal with technological change, every day. Are you aware how technologies become introduced, accepted ánd discarded in our society? The Pyramid of Technology visualizes how technology becomes nature in seven steps. The model is a conceptual navigation tool that catalyzes innovative processes and will help you, your team or your audience to dream, build and live in next nature. You can read more about the Pyramid of Technology here, or read the essay by Koert van Mensvoort.

In short

A skilled trainer from our team will be your Next Nature Safari guide. S(h)e will introduce you to the Next Nature philosophy, methods and tools such as the Pyramid of Technology. As a team, you will build visionary stories for change.

What do you get?

— A copy of the Pyramid of Technology toolkit
— Access to tools, slides and handouts
— Free membership for participants

Our topics

Workshops can be organized around basically any topic. Their structure may vary from analytical to speculative, from problem solving to problem defining. And they are always explorative. Areas of exploration include:

— Exploring future food cultures
— Exploring the future of work
— Exploring the future of reproduction
— Balancing ecology and economy

Our hosts

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is designer with Next Nature Network. He is co-editor of the book Next Nature: nature changes along with us and (co)developer of the Pyramid of Technology. He hosts workshops and gives talks like this one or this one on a regular basis.

Els Dragt is trend researcher, lecturer and author of the book ‘How to Research Trends’. She develops and regularly gives workshops.

Depending on scope and scale of the workshop we bring fantastic people from the network into the mix, such as our talented fellows.

Need advice?

We are happy to think along with you for tailor-made solutions.
Contact us via email or give us a call on +31(0)202613853.

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