3D rendered bunnies prefer calm diesels

Van Mensvoort
March 26th 2006

Honda Diesel Commercial

Kenichi Nagahiro, Honda's chief engine designer, hated diesel engines. When asked to design Honda's first diesel he flatly refused - unless he was allowed to start completely from scratch. The result is one of the cleanest, most refined diesel engines on the market today. Cute bunnies, pretty flowers and rainbows show their dislike of dirty, noisy, smelly diesel engines by destroying them in exchange for something better.

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Posted 22/08/2006 – 01:21
Posted 27/03/2006 – 02:22

> shell pura?
Yes, I think so.. also, the British Petrol logo looks a lot like a flower..

Posted 27/03/2006 – 00:40

shell pura?

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