Online RPG Funeral Gets Ambushed

Van Mensvoort
June 11th 2006

Since its launch in November 2004, World of Warcraft (Wow) has become the most widely played massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in the world. When a popular WoW player died in real life, the people in the game think it would be nice to have a memorial for the player so they log into his account, take the character to a lake, and set it up for everyone to come pay their respects.

Another tribe decides this would be a great time to ambush everyone so they run over a hill, kill the dead guy's character, and then wipe out everyone who was there to show their respects. They filmed the whole thing and put it on the net.

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Posted 05/10/2011 – 19:37

kudos to WoW to pay their respects to a popular gamer, sure some would think that people tend to blend online life with reality because their reality sucks and in order to escape they go online where they will find friends (and unfortunately foes), but it was a good gesture. did the assailants know that it was a homage for a rl situation? karma has a funny way of making her rounds, so best be on her good side

Posted 30/12/2010 – 14:16

Sad that the person died, everyone is a loser to have an in-game memorial ceremony. Hilarious.

Posted 09/05/2010 – 19:39

Hahahahaha! What a joker!
Bit harsh though....
Too bad the video doesnt work.. xD

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