Liquid Orange

Van Mensvoort
September 25th 2006

liquid orange

Liquid Orange 1Liquid Orange 2Wouldn't it be great if we could grow Orangina bottles? Graeme Davies of RCA Industrial Design Engineering, now presents a kitchen appliance for providing orange juice packaged within the original skin of the orange. Graeme Davies juicer takes only 20 seconds to blend the inside of an orange and makes about 160 ml of the freshest juice. Allowing the user to juice an orange from the inside, all vital nutrients and fibers survive within the orange's natural sphere. Simply stick a straw in the top and go'all the goodness within an entirely biodegradable package.

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Posted 12/01/2009 – 20:08

i smell lemons

Graeme Davies
Posted 29/03/2007 – 21:09

Thank you for the comments. The device although working, is still just a prototype. I am however currently looking for a partner to put it into production. If you are able help, or would like to register your interest then please contact me on

D. Robetrs
Posted 06/11/2006 – 22:37

Great idea how can I get hold of Mr Davies would like to launch this product overseas

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