Featherless Chicken

Van Mensvoort
October 22nd 2006

Behold the featherless chicken, created by Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel. The idea behind the development of this naked bird is that it will create a more 'convenient' and energy efficient chicken which can live in warm countries where feathered chickens don't do well and cooling systems are too expensive to be commonly affordable. Not growing feathers saves energy that can be used to grow meat.

Critics say the feather-free chickens will suffer more than normal birds. Males might be unable to mate, because they cannot flap their wings, and "naked" chickens of both sexes are more susceptible to parasites, mosquito attacks and sunburn.

The chicken is "disgusting", says Joyce D'Silva of Compassion in World Farming. "It's a prime example of sick science and the suggestion that it would be an improvement for developing countries is obscene."

"Factory farming is such an inappropriate technology for developing countries because it uses scarce resources like water, electricity and grain that could be used for human consumption, to produce meat that only the middle classes can afford."

The bird is not genetically modified - it comes from a natural breed whose characteristics have been known for 50 years. Read more at NewScientist.

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Posted 27/12/2007 – 19:07

CJminth, Humans are Animals. The concepts you talked, such as murder, infanticide, incest and cannibalism are "wrong" in a cultural basis, not for nature. You mustn't forget that the way we Humans are today, our ability to think is much due to our Omnivore diet along evolution for thousands of centuries.

Posted 27/12/2007 – 06:45

This is to all you people who defend your practice of eating meat with the excuse that "other animals do it": What do you think human society would be like if we modeled our behavior after animals? Animals engage in murder, infanticide, incest, and cannibalism. Sound like good ideas to you?

Posted 09/12/2007 – 08:29

“Disgusting” is the right word, and it looks like is wearing white socks!

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