Arnolds Hybrid Hummer

Van Mensvoort
March 4th 2007

arnold hybrid hummer

Sure, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is Mr Nextnature avant la lettre, but since the man cruises in a hybrid hummer, he is the living evidence that nextnature can be supportive to oldnature as well. No? Well, the hybrid hummer H2H has been introduced by the governor in 2004 but has not been put into production as of this writing.

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Posted 13/06/2009 – 17:17

This is very good

Posted 02/12/2007 – 23:46

how many Hummer Hybrid Arnold have until now? He is really CRAZY FAN of Hummer!right???
Posted 03/10/2007 – 18:42

This Hydrogen hummer is purely a concept vehicle.. the yellow one on the right is schwarzneggers own normal hummer.
Oh and by the way... who killed the electric car?

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