Kids are extensions of parents?

Dr Natural
March 16th 2007

ion kids

The IonKids system from the firm Bluespan allows parents to give their young children some autonomy in the context of their environment to a certain point. The child wears an aesthetically pleasing Wristag that has the capability of communicating with a PDA-like Base Unit that would be near a caregiver. If the child wanders too far away, the wireless communication kicks in and the Wristag sends an alert to the screen portion of the Base Unit and the parent can effectively locate the child's position. It seems like this product is quite an upgrade to silver bells on the shoes.

Via: Coolhunter, Kits start from $199, you can order from here.

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Posted 17/03/2007 – 22:30

Kids as extensions of parents:
We are the borg.. resistance is futile

Should men be able to give birth to children?

Lisa Mandemaker: Using an artificial womb could lead to more equality between sexes, but also between different family layouts. If men would be able to give birth to children, it would maybe be easier for male same-sex couples to have a child together.

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