Hendrik-Jan Grievink
April 14th 2007


Donna Conlon is a Panama-based artist who often uses the relation between man and environment in her work. In her short film "Coexist" we get a close-up look at leaf cutter ants carrying political and institutional symbols like those seen in flag parades. The friction between the self oranised ant colony, based on evolutional strategies ratherthan on law and order, and the political symbols they carry, brings up questions on the issue of power and survival priciples. The revolution is here, it's now and it's green!
Watch an exerpt of the movie on Donna Conlon her website

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Koert van Mensvoort: The virus makes us aware of other lifeforms with other perspectives, desires and needs. It also teaches us that we are one humanity. These viral invaders don’t discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, income, social status, political or sexual preference. We are together and must work together to overcome. Stay safe.

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