User Vaporated Content

User Vaporated Content

Today, I had the strangest experience. I visited the dutch MSN website (don't ask me why) and found myself erasing al the content with a flick of my cursor. As I moved the cursor over any piece of content featured on the site, it would simply pop away and leave a blank space.

It must have been some bug in Safari or so, I have no other explanation. Or— would there be someting that this site didn't like about my previous surfing behaviour? I don't wan't to sound too antropomorphic, but you get to think weird things if something like this happens to you. By the time I had moved my cursor all over the screen, all content had dissappeared. What lasted was a completely empty webpage. It felt like an unexpected encounter with a deer in the woods gazing back at you with brown eyes. I stared back for a second and continued my walk— | Related post: Schöne aussichten | see also:

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Posted 07/06/2007 – 16:12

It is, isn't it? And guess what: what you did in the MSN environment, Wibke Pausch experienced earlier in ... well, some city in the middle of nowhere. ;) Check:
Posted 06/06/2007 – 07:21

What a wonderful unexpected encounter HendrikJan

Posted 05/06/2007 – 13:00

Yeah great site! :) I don't recall there's a post about it so I suggest we add the links to Hendrik-Jan's post.

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