MDI Air Car

Arnoud van den Heuvel
July 5th 2007

mdi car

Will the oil-driven car grow extinct in the decades to come? Guy Negre (Fr) thinks so, for he invented: THE CLEAN GREEN DRIVING MACHINE! Utopia is near; this (toy) car runs on AIR that can be 'tanked' by plugging it in at home, where a compressor fills it within four hours - or at a special air pump where this process will take only a few minutes. Even by pushing the brake, the car will use its energy to fill a minicompressor. The three air tanks will let you drive to 100 km/h = 62 mp/h. Of course there are other alternatives for the car - machines that run on solar power or on hydrogen, but the revolution was never this cheap: the Air Car will cost about 7.000 Euro / 9.500 Dollar. Let's all breathe fresh air again and start freezing up those glaciers! | video (cnn) | Related posts: Drive in a fish | Aquada | Sexy car

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Posted 19/09/2009 – 17:02

Unfortunately, this isn't just a hoax on the internet.
MDI has managed to sell licenses and collect option fees for distributorships from 56 different groups, while never delivering a car even after claiming repeatedly since 2000 that sales would start "next year". Always 12-24 months away.
They prototypes pictured above have been abandoned for a golf cart sized vehicle with performance roughly that of a golf cart. Except that they range claim is still unproven. Still no cars (oops, I mean vehicles/carts) delivered.

Posted 17/07/2007 – 01:02

If this is an internet-hoax, it certainly fooled me. Great stuff! We'll keep track of the story, for it might add to a mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy some day...

Kevin Saff
Posted 06/07/2007 – 04:59

Unfortunately, the longest documented trip by this vehicle is about 7km, and there seems to be a fairly general consensus that this car will never be able to do what is claimed. It has been about a year away from production for most of the decade, now. Noteworthy is that it was predicted to be 6 months away in January 2004 - but what actually happened that July was the inventor to make use of ideas patented by others decades before. Wikipedia's is especially illuminating. Even if 100% of the energy could be retrieved from the air, it would need a monstrously large tank to have any reasonable range.
Hmm, I'm reminded of the Moller Skycar...
All of which is to say that our emission-free hopes still rest on improvements in boring tech like chemical batteries, hydrogen, and bicycles! But I hope someone will figure something out, one day.

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