Van Mensvoort
August 20th 2007


We are all born in a world that has been designed already. Cars, dishwashers, dildo's, remote controls, ATM machines. Although these products are supposed to make life better, they often lead to frustration and discontent and -unless you are some genius electrical engineer- there is nothing you can do about it. Do we just have to swallow all these incomprehensible products as a fact of nature, or is there something we can undertake?

RedesignMe aims to 'recultivate' the badly designed products that surround us. Everyone can post texts, video's and pictures about devices and applications containing usability problems on the website. Now lets hope the fabricators who sell us these incomprehensible and frustrating products will bookmark this website.

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john weeks
Posted 02/09/2007 – 01:51

I think they need to redesign their little website first and foremost.

Should men be able to give birth to children?

Joyce Nabuurs: To me this question seems to be a logical next step in the emancipation movement of the past century. More and more women entered the workspace, but the responsibility for pregnancy and childrearing remained female.

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