Inter Face – Yariv Alter Fin 1968-2007

Van Mensvoort
September 3rd 2007

In memoriam - Yariv Alter Fin 1968-2007

This Inter-Face was made by our friend Yariv Alter Fin, who sadly ended his life last week in Tel Aviv. Yariv was a wonderful digital artist and a giving person. Yariv, you are missed.

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Posted 08/09/2007 – 10:07

The news came at me last week like a misguided arrow. "Somehow this can't be!" I keep saying to myself. And in my selfishness also keep thinking, "Why, oh why wasn't I better at keeping in touch with him?"
Now I would like some answers. I mean the first shock is over, but is anybody wondering why he took his life in TelAviv? Or even how? Maybe I'm being insensitive now, but this is after crying my eyes out for almost a week.
Anyway. As far as passwords, etc... has anyone contacted Dominique? Might be a place to start. Otherwise I don't know what other next of kin might be around to officiate inheriting his digital existence.
Okay. Nuff sed.
Yariv, you will not be forgotten!
Posted 06/09/2007 – 12:43

Regarding the 'digital identity'... At the memorial meeting yesterday, plans have been announced for a foundation to preserve his works online.. first step is to find all the passwords.
Posted 06/09/2007 – 12:38

His choice, which is a deeply personal right, although free will is overestimated.

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