Sunflower Satellite Dish

Arnoud van den Heuvel
October 29th 2007

sunflower satellite dish
Have an unsightly satellite dish? Time to pimp it with a giant all-weather sticker designed by The White Room.

pimp your satellite dish | | also available at: | Related posts: Hotspot Bloom| Schöne Aussichten | Sixties last | Seperating streets and words

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Posted 15/11/2007 – 16:16

Images can only be placed through moderation. Best
way is to post your link, so one of the moderators can place it inside your comment.

Posted 15/11/2007 – 04:39

how do you post images?
pleeeeeeese tell me
;-) ;-)

Posted 04/11/2007 – 16:05

Gefeliciteerd Luc! :-D

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