Google 2084

Van Mensvoort
November 26th 2007

google 2084

Tongue in cheek speculation on what Google's home page may look like in 2084, created by Randy Siegel for NY Times. Frankly, I don't think this is very realistic: We don't have to wait that long for most of this.

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Posted 23/03/2010 – 20:17

Google's AI system...

Posted 22/04/2009 – 10:52

Posted 28/11/2007 – 20:59

Let me explain my earlier comment on how God is replaced by information management. I have to say I wasn't out for a discussion on religion in the future. I don't know where that will go.
What does occur to me though, is that while people used to behave morally, because they believed God was watching them and would punish them if they would do wrong (Fear of God bounded them within the moral and social constraints of the society they were part of).
Nowadays, people increasingly act *morally* because they believe (or fear) their actions are being recorded into a database or filmed by a closed camera television circuit. Hence, God has been replaced by information management.

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