It is Nature… but not as we know it

Dr Natural
January 28th 2008

map of the internet

No, this isn't the newest picture of some star system or nebula taken by Hubble telescope in deep space. This is a map of the internet. It might not be of much use since it is already quite old. It was taken on 15 January 2006 and the internet has grown and changed dramatically since that date -I guess it wants to live and grow and be happy just like you?

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Posted 06/01/2009 – 22:26

in maps like this i've seen before the colours represent different domains and the distance between the nodes on the picture represents the delay in a signal sent between the nodes.
as for the neuron similarity, i can see where you're coming from. but neurons tend to follow paths which are heavily defined by function and therefore there are more easily recognisable patterns. the internet is still in it's infancy though, maybe as it evolves we'll be able to see more complex structures within maps liek this.

Posted 31/01/2008 – 14:31

unfortunately, i do not. i just remembered it when i saw this and googled 'lymann alpha forest' in images. it's on wikipedia, too.

Posted 30/01/2008 – 12:14

I would still love it if there would be a somewhat more technical explanation in this topic, Dr. Natural. And will we be able to browse the model in the near future?
@ systmh: pretty cool. Energy! It looks like tissue. Would certainly like to see more of where that image came from. Do you have a link for us?

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