DNA Synthesizer

Arnoud van den Heuvel
April 9th 2008

dna synthesizer

Playing God? – "We are not playing..."

After having seen this TED talk by Craig Venter, I came across a cynical yet clarifying comic (etcgroup.org) on his plans to build a new DNA synthesizer, an instrument that is basically about "printing" life. Manufactured DNA can be injected into a natural bacterial cell, where it substitutes part of the original genome. When that cell divides, one of both cells will contain the synthetic genome. Voilá: a new species is born.

dna synthesizer

Craig Venter is the first individual of whom the diploïd genome was published (here is a small video describing that project).

craig venter diploid dna

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Posted 01/02/2011 – 09:06

This is absolutely unethical...oh man...these scientists are just getting so wicked by the days. We are animal loves, you fucking retards

Posted 04/08/2008 – 14:12

Now, that is scary. That is very, very scary!

Posted 12/04/2008 – 09:34

now that is cool. that is very, very cool.
nothing more to say at this juncture..

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