Driving on Algue

Van Mensvoort
May 31st 2008

driving on Algue

Green bubbles? Yes, they seem to be everywhere nowadays. But for a change we aren't talking about those greenish marketing bubbles of the flourishing sustainability cult. According to the Chlorophile Collective we soon we will all be driving on algue.

"Algae use photosynthesis to transform this otherwise destructive waste CO2 into oxygen, compostable biomass to build soil, and a variety of other useful byproducts, including bioplastics and sustainable biofuels such as ethanol, butanol and even biodiesel."

A seemingly much better 'green' technology than creating biofuel from crops, of which the growing arguably causes more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels. Now lets hope the possible-future mass production of gigantic algue-fields will not take away too much light from all those other lovely and worthwhile creatures inhabiting the oceans.

See also: Green Blues, Real nature is not Green, Who wants to drive a Fish.

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