Ceci n’est pas une Potato Chip

Van Mensvoort
July 14th 2008

Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Pringles, has successfully argued in a British court that their product is ‘not a potato chip’. Pringles are also officially now, not potato sticks or potato props or products made from the potato. Why is that a win for Proctor and Gamble? A ruling otherwise would result in a 17.5% sales tax from the British national tax office.

Proctor and Gamble's lawyers argued to the court that their product had a shape not found in ‘nature’ and that a typical Pringle contains less than 50% of the potato. We’re not sure what makes up the other half of the Pringle – besides potato – but we are hoping it has nothing to do with the giant mustache of the man on the Pringle package.

Via: Consumerism & LA Times.

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Kreig Zimmerman
Posted 26/02/2013 – 20:09

They add lots if rice flour now. This I discovered after noting how un-potatoey they tasted these data.
Haven't eaten one in four years now!

Posted 21/07/2008 – 01:03

>"We're not sure what makes up the other half of the Pringle"
(To parafrase Microserfs:)
50% non-potato additives, of course...

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