Honeycomb vase

Van Mensvoort
September 5th 2008

This Honeycomb vase was made from a vase-shaped hive that 40.000 bees colonized for one week, building a hexagonal comb to encompass the existing form.

Created by Studio Libertiny, who describe their production process as "slow prototyping", a more time-consuming, yet much more poetic alternative to rapid prototyping.

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Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 05/09/2008 – 21:40

By way of contrast: https://nextnature.net/?p=2729

What is your view on the coronavirus?

Ine Geevers: #YesNaturally was about co-evolution and partnership. How to become friends with o.a. bacteria, microbes and viruses. Because yes, they can be deadly and vital at the same time.

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