Want privacy? Use pigeon messaging

Van Mensvoort
September 20th 2008

pigeon project
Our society seems to be driven by an obsession of gathering personal data. Yes, they say it is for your own good, so we willingly collaborate by filling in our most intimate details on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

But what if you cannot participate in the post-privacy society, because you have something to hide? The Pigeon Project was set up by group people who don't want to communicate via 'traditional' channels like email, phone, sms, or chat.

Alternatively they rely on pigeon messengers, reviving an ancient system of communication already used by the Greeks, but also by Al Qaeda. On the fly they're creating a debate on the apparent disappearance of privacy in our technologically driven society.

See also: CCTV total world domination, Technology behind Google Search results.

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