Designing for NextNature @ TU Eindhoven

Van Mensvoort
January 14th 2009


Starting February 2009 the Industrial Design department of the Eindhoven University of Technology takes Next Nature as one of its educational themes.

The Industrial Design department at TU/e, which welcomes around 150 students per year, has a bachelor and a master course with a special learning model in which students simulate being junior employees of a design agency that takes assignments from inside and outside the university. Throughout their studies, students conduct project within the various educational themes at the department. Among the other educational themes are AutoMobility, Playful Interactions, Medical Care and Wearable Senses.

The Next Nature theme will focus on living products, calm technology, wild systems, genetic surprises, manipulating growth, virtual for real, designing by evolution, nano worlds and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Professional organizations interested in running projects within the Next Nature theme at TU/e are invited to make contact.

See also: Designing for Next Nature: Selected Proposals, Designing for Next Nature Workshop report.

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