Deforestation in China threatens giant pandas

Rolf Coppens
February 5th 2009


I found this ad very ironic; after killing the giant panda (by turning it into a logo) WWF is complaining that the Chinese are killing the living version of it. I wonder if they would change the logo when the real animals become extinct or if it would only make the logo stronger.

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Posted 05/06/2012 – 17:15

They didn't literally kill and skin the animal to make the logo, it was drawn...
And I would say the panda logo does more good then harm.

Posted 14/11/2011 – 12:01

Guys. How dose this mean an animal is getting killed?
(apart from the fact of an animal could have it's home in that tree and their 4 the tree just got knocked down and so that animal has just lost it's home????)

Posted 14/11/2011 – 10:57

I agree.
Dose this website even NEED to be up if u r just arguing bout animals being turned into a logo?
Dose anyone know of any GOOD deforestation websites cause if u do i need some 4 a school project my daughter is doin to upgrade kids confidance!
What do teachers teach kids these days??
Kids should be able to be shy or outgoin it's just there NATURAL way of letting everyone know that they don't like doin things that other outgoin kids do cause they get embarassed by doin those things!
Speaking in front of a class, Standing up in front of the whole school, Running a muck in front of a crowd of people in a supermarket!)
So their u go. I've listed a FEW things kids do and WHY i PERSONALLY think that kids should be learning more maths or spelling!!!!

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