Epidermits – The Tissue Engineered Toy

Van Mensvoort
April 4th 2009


The world of tissue engineering is usually associated with medical applications. But how about some tissue engineered toys? The Epidermits toy is the Karten Design firm's uncanny, conceptual vision of a living toy.

"In a world where the value of life decreases daily, where boundaries between real and artificial are increasingly blurred, comes the toy that will truly confuse kids and rob them of any remaining sense of the natural. Epidermits are fully functioning organisms, resulting from advance tissue engineering and the latest fuel cell and electronics technology. They don't feel pain – or think – but follow a complex set of algorithms. They require minimal maintenance, can be stored in a state of forced hibernation in a standard refrigerator, and are customizable with different body, skin and hair sections and through tanning, tattooing and piercing."

Via Wired Gadgets. See also: Popple II, Babybunny, Designer Cats.

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Posted 07/03/2012 – 10:52

Where can I buy one? Seriously?

Posted 23/09/2009 – 03:14

a lot of things here give me the creeps. and this is definitely one of them. rock on! XD

Posted 06/04/2009 – 19:37

april fool's?

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