Game On

Van Mensvoort
May 1st 2009

Game over? Game on. I can't help but wonder if gaming might influence our notion of death. Does anyone know of research in this direction? Anyhow, this classical PlayStation 2 advertisement is our peculiar image of the week.

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Posted 29/06/2013 – 03:03

@Joran, so that's why Japan has such a high suicide rate, because they think there's a second life?

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 05/05/2009 – 18:32

How peculiar this quote made it into the 'groot lexicon of nutteloze feiten'. I first got it from the Japanese newspaper Kyodo News in 2005, so my guess is the statement stems from informal research done by journalist. Not sure about that though, I never found a proper scientific reference to the information.

Posted 05/05/2009 – 12:36

15% of Japanese 10-14 year old do not know death is irreversible, according to the 'Groot Lexicon van Nutteloze Feiten', a book with 666 'useless facts' from 2003. Don't take this for granted however, I've found other 'facts' that were wrong.

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