Foldable Icons

Van Mensvoort
June 10th 2009

In response to the Boomeranged Metaphors post of last week, visual wizard Ton Meijdam sent us these foldable icons. Print them, fold them and use them to decorate your 3D desktop (you know that one from the pre-digital age). Should keep the kids busy during the weekend.

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Roberto Mayma
Posted 27/06/2013 – 06:57


Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 11/06/2009 – 03:48

Yes, it is missing a short section in the lower part of that stripe! I think the designer cheated to fit them all in one A4 ;) There's also something wrong with the pipette-tool. So much for the desktop 3D metaphor...

Posted 11/06/2009 – 02:13

The Arrow is not working. The left Stripe is wrong

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