Stop continental drift

Van Mensvoort
June 16th 2009

stop continental drift
Is it a cynical gesture to glue a 'Stop Continental Drift' bumper sticker on your gasoline addicted car? Absolutely. Yet indirectly it also criticizes the romantic environmentalist longing to perceive nature as static: something that must not change – although environmentalist typically perceive themselves as progressives, such a static concept of nature is undoubtedly a conservative longing.

Perhaps the bumper sticker teaches us that, rather than merely trying to stop all changes that are taking place, we should spend more time on developing a more flexible attitude towards the changes in our environment. After all, continents drift, climates alter and change happens.

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Posted 03/07/2012 – 16:01

Perhaps you should learn English: "Perhaps the bumper sticker learns us that ...." - teaches is the correct word

Posted 21/06/2010 – 20:51

@ systmh
It may be more appropriate to say that "trees drop leaves, wasps build nests" and leave the "their" out of it. The manufacturing of plastic bags is a consciously driven (although there is plenty of room for discussion on this point, no doubt), and contingent on a cultural apparatus that is seemingly unique.
AS much as I try to critically evaluate the old and new mythologies of nature, I still hold the basic paradox that humans as conscious beings are both in and above the "nature" that underlies these myths.
Of course all this points to the basis of this discourse: we can't imaging nature the same way we have done so in the past, ancient or even recent.

Posted 05/03/2010 – 03:18

@ systmh
Well said.

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