Human garbage can

Van Mensvoort
July 11th 2009

Anthropomorphobic object of the week. Created by Sarah Hatch.

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Martijn van Mensvoort
Posted 20/07/2009 – 16:18

Hi Koert
Regarding my suggestion for the use of the tag 'fake next nature' - I have noticed quite a few examples on this blog ... which are not much more than 'silly ideas'.
From my point of view, the new item from yesterday - "Egg improvements" - is a typical example of 'fake next nature', for I think we could easily agree that this is not much more than a silly idea.
Obviously, we will never see the 'integrated eggholder' arrive in real life (the example is photoshoped)... at best only as an example of ''fake nature'!!!
I hope you will now immeditately recognize that many more items at this blog ... could be described as 'fake next nature' - merely because they are not (yet?) true examples of NEXT NATURE.
PS. Koert, maybe a more specific alternative TAG-suggestion could be: 'photoshop next nature' ... the tag-name tells the story! ;-)

Martijn van Mensvoort
Posted 20/07/2009 – 15:46

Koert, thanks for sharing your definition of 'fake nature'!
I like it because of it's simplicity - and I think this definition could be usefull to explain what NEXT NATURE is really (not) about.
By the way ... I am also glad to see that the 'steam horse' is also labeled as an example of 'fake nature'!:

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 19/07/2009 – 15:32

Fake nature = culture that tries to look like old nature. E.g. plastic flowers, indoor beaches, flower wallpapers, etc.
Appearances of fake nature typically idealize our notion of old nature and tend to be rather superficial, as only the visual layer of the natural phenomenon is imitated, whereas their pragmatic functioning is not copied (plastic flowers don’t need water, won’t blossom and don’t have a scent, at least not a flower scent).
Opposed to fake nature, next nature is about the transferal of natural processes in the cultural realm (culture becomes nature). Next nature typically doesn’t ‘look like’ old nature, yet we recognize a certain natural functioning in it (think for example of the internet, which doesn’t look like a flower, yet expands, feeds and seems to have a certain agency of its own that reminds us of phenomena we know from old nature).
It is true that that the ‘fake nature’ tag can be confusing, as the goal of this website is to re-investigate our concept of nature, yet in the ‘fake nature’ tag the word nature is used in the established classical meaning: when taking about fake nature, we usually mean ‘fake old nature’.
It might be appropriate to re-tag ‘fake nature’ as ‘fake old nature’? Regarding the proposal of a tag ‘fake next nature’, I don’t think we need it as I can’t think of many examples. Plastic flowers are definitely ‘fake old nature’. Also the faking that takes place in the examples of the ‘human garbage can’ and the ’steam horse’ is about the faking of old nature, hence they would also fall under that tag.

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