Norwegian forest cat on batteries

Van Mensvoort
July 22nd 2009


Robots are penetrating our homes... disguised as cats? On July 30, Sega Toys releases an el-cheapo simulation cat toy for robot cat lovers with allergies or pet-unfriendly apartments. It's made to look, feel, and act just like a Norwegian Forest Cat. It runs on four AAs and will retail for about $100.

We are unsure whether the kitten can talk, what its fur is really made of – rabbits perhaps? – and if there is also a version available with a vacuum cleaner integrated. Nonetheless, it is another schoolbook example of nextnature disguising itself as oldnature in order to gain acceptance.

Via Tokyomango. See also: Steam Horse, Designer Pets, Epidermits – the tissue engineered toy, Lifestyle Pets, Is your cat infected with a computer virus?, Robot costumes, Babybunny – stuffed pets as toys. Thanks Tinkebell.

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