Why Are Carrots Orange? It is Political

Van Mensvoort
August 16th 2009

No, the image above does not show some collection of freshly genetically designed hypercarrots in various colors of the rainbow. This is the spectrum of colors carrots used to have – and in some regions of the world you can still find white, yellow, red and purple carrots. In most countries however, carrots tend to be orange nowadays. Why is that?

Allegedly they are orange for entirely political reasons: in the 17th century, Dutch growers are thought to have cultivated orange carrots as a tribute to William of Orange – who led the the struggle for Dutch independence – and the color stuck. A thousand years of yellow, white and purple carrot history, was wiped out in a generation.

Dutch growers are thought to have cultivated orange carrots as a tribute to William of Orange – and the color stuck.

Although some scholars doubt if orange carrots even existed prior to the 16th century, they now form the basis of most commercial cultivators around the world. Presumably crosses between Eastern (purple), Western (white, red) and perhaps wild carrots led to the formation of the orange rooted carrot sub species. Turkey is often cited as the original birthplace of the hybrids (or mutations) of the two groups.

Whatever the origins, the Long Orange Dutch carrot, first described in writing in 1721, is the forebear of the orange Horn carrot varieties so abundant nowadays. The Horn Carrot derives from the Netherlands town of Hoorn in the neighborhood of which it was presumably bred. All our modern, western carrots ultimately descend from these varieties. Hypernature avant la lettre.

Source: Carrot Museum.

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Posted 03/04/2020 – 11:12

What does the wind do?

Posted 28/05/2014 – 19:22

It is true there is a whole variety of colors. Now it doesn't mean that orange is bad. Actually the orange comes from a pigment called Beta-carotens what is the precursor of many importante molecules for human health such as Vit A.
Having said that, it is also very important to protect the biodiversity and try to protect, in this case, the carrots that have a different coloration.

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